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Leaky Gut Cure: Helpful Tips

organic onions - recommended leaky gut cure food
organic onions

There are lots of leaky gut cure plans that are available in the market. The question is, which ones are truly working? If you are experiencing leaky gut syndrome and are looking for ways to ease the pain and get rid of your disorder, then this article can be helpful. First things first, leaky gut is a serious condition that needs your full attention as ignoring it can be the start of a life where you are in constant pain and discomfort.

It is a condition where the intestine is inflamed or irritated and harmful substances are able to penetrate it. These substances are the cause of various symptoms appearing including, but not limited to, pain in the abdominal area, constipation, chronic fatigue, gas, bloating and diarrhea plus some more.

The causes of this disorder vary and here are some: cigarette smoking (nicotine addiction), unbalanced diet, constant stress, and other chemicals that are present in your home (cleaning, bath, beauty products). Drugs and other medication can also cause leaky gut like NSAIDs, antibiotics, and steroids.

Here are some tips to help rid yourself of this debilitating disorder.

1. Change your diet to a healthy one. All packaged foods/ fast foods/ canned goods and pretty much anything that comes in a box should go. These are tasty and delicious, can't deny that but the fact is that these foods contain very low nutritional value and most of these contain chemicals that can irritate the gut. You should opt for organic foods, fruits and vegetables and consume lots of water. Water is needed by the body in order to function correctly, don't substitute caffeinated drinks and alcohol for water, avoid them if possible. Eat lots of onion, garlic and leek as these are known to kill off yeast. Yeast in the gut flora should not be allowed to run rampant so eat lots of garlic, onions and leek to prevent it.

2. If you are a smoker, quit right now. Nicotine is a gut irritant and can only worsen an intestine that is already permeable. If you are not, then good for you. Regarding the lifestyle, try to reduce stress. It is not easy but there are ways to relieve stress and you should practice it. Some ways to reduce stress are by meditating, exercising, getting sufficient amounts of sleep and many more.

3. Eat yogurt. Yogurt contains "live cultures" that increase the good bacteria in the gut flora. These good bacteria keeps the bad bacteria in check.

These are all natural and safe ways to heal leaky gut. These tips are helpful for those experiencing the disorder and even for those that do not. These tips can help start and maintain a healthy lifestyle that will only benefit you.